The matches are those scheduled on the coupon below.   To win a DVD from BKVP Sport of

your choice, or a voucher to use for a forthcoming game, simply predict the outcomes of the games below. A list of

some DVDs can be found on the football DVDs page of this website. If you cannot find the one you want opt for a

voucher and send us a message enquiring about availability or retain it to exchange for a forthcoming match.

 The rules, which are final, are-

You must be a member of the BKVP Sport Forum - Join by clicking the link below.

Complete the ‘coupon’ below and click on submit, having firstly entered all the relevant details.

1 Entries must be received by 24.00 hrs on the preceding Friday.

2 Only one entry per person or per email address is permitted (disqualification will result if more than one submitted)

3 Points are awarded on the following basis-

                                           4 for a correct score prediction (overides other points below)

                                           3 for a draw

                                           2 for an away win

                                           1 for a home win

The result after any extra time will apply in cases of cup matches etc requiring more than the 90 minutes.

The Pools Lottery Panel will determine results for any match that is void. (Shuffled disc random selection with slight home bias).

At the organisers discretion, a void game may result in the award of one point to each entrant.


The winner be will the person with the most points scored

4 In the event of a tie, the entry with the most correctly predicted scores will be adjudged the winner or if  still tied or

 none are correct the highest scoring predicted a) score draw b) away win  c) home win ( in descending order of priority)

 will be adjudged the winner.If still tied the entrant with the closest goal total to the actual total from their correctly predicted

 matches will win with priority given to the highest total. If this still results in a tie, the winner will be determined by lottery.

5 Winners will be required to “claim” by visiting the bkvpsport forum and posting the DVD title selected to be delivered at

 an Ashford United home game or posted (see rule 7). Claims must be made by the Tuesday  following the matches or the

prize is forfeited.

6 Dvds or vouchers not collected or postage costs received within a month of a winning notification will be forfieted.

7 If the DVD cannot be collected, then postage of 2 is payable in advance or 4 if to be sent overseas.

8 The adjudication of BKVP Sport representatives in this process is final and no correspondence may  be entered into.   

9 No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are not received for whatever reason.

10 Entries must be under your real name. Non de plumes or assumed names are not permitted and will lead to exclusion.

11 Winning claims must be made on the BKVP Sport Forum thread. You will need to be a member to do so. Any winner

 that does not claim by the Tuesday following  the games being  played will forfeit their winnings.

12  Whilst every effort is made to get things right, BKVP Sport can accept no responsibility for error in this free to enter

Competition. (although see thread on Forum for disputing result).

13  No prize DVD will be awarded in weeks when entries total less than 10.

There is also a cumulative competition. Your weekly points scored are totalled and the person with the most at the end of

the season will be awarded a prize. Your chances are therefore increased if you enter more competitions. Click the forum

link below for more details.

You must be a BKVP Sport Forum member to enter - you can join by clicking the link below.
Pools Coupon It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that their entry has been received prior to the deadline. End Of Season BKVP Sport reserves the right to decline any entry without providing a reason for so doing Competition is not running in 2014/15 season  owing to a lack of interest.  If you are interested in joining a competition,  please visit the forum and say so.